Who am I?

My Story

Hanan was born in 1975, she graduated from the American University in Cairo. and later held several positions in major international companies before shifting her career towards her passion, storytelling. Hanan's  story began with the bedtime stories that her father used to tell her when she was a litter girl. Her father would sit next to her on the bed and tell her the stories of the clever rabbit and the cunning fox and of 3am Marzouq and El Soltania, and many other stories that she remembers to this day, and that was the nucleus that sparked Hanan’s love of storytelling, stories and reading in general. 

In 2011, Hanan left working full-time in companies and established a social enterprise under the name Yoha Anna (Once Upon a Time) which aimed to spread the culture of reading among children. Among the activities carried out by the Organization was the activity of storytelling, which later Hanan decided to pursue  in 2021. She began her career as a storyteller to children and adults. Hanan didn't lean on her storytelling talent, so she sought to study the art of storytelling in various places, such as the International School of Storytelling in England,  StoryWallahs organization in India, and El Warsha Troupe led by Hassan Al-Gretli in Egypt. Then Hanan designed the Art of Storytelling Workshop in order to spread the culture of storytelling and train the largest number of storytellers; this is one of Hanan’s goals that she pursues. Hanan believes that storytelling is an ancient art, but it has been forgotten, and she seeks to restore life to that great art.

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