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What I believe in

I believe that storytelling is an Art; a very important art that today’s written literature has overshadow it. However, this form of art is one the oldest that humankind has known if not the oldest. Elders telling stories to grandchildren, chiefs telling their tribes history to young men and women, or simply cave men drawing their stories on walls. We are stories, we either tell stories or listen to stories; And That’s the beauty of it. 
Listening to a well-crafted story is a forgotten experience. We enjoy listening a story, get attached to and even becoming part of it.
I want to be part of reviving this art and make all the people of Egypt and the Arab world enjoy it once again.

Carrying storytelling professionally


Telling stories for children and adults in different venues and Events.

The Art of Storytelling Training

Train children and adult to tell stories professionally.


raising the awareness of storytelling as an art by itself.


8 years ago when I started my journey of storytelling, I barely got the attention on people around me, family and friends. I real life, going to a school or being in a meeting and tell them that you work as a storyteller, was a new notion and they didn't understand what exactly that you do. Once a customer told "Anyone can tell stories" This line I never forgot. Each time I work hard to perfect a story and to give the best performance I can; I remember what she said. 

Now people started to understand that being a storyteller is not an easy job and doesn't depend only on talent and that's why the number of customer has grown and the number of participants at the Art of Storytelling workshops and training is increasing my day.  

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